Many asphalt shingle brands exist on the market. However, not all roofing materials are created equal. Some manufacturers provide higher quality and more durable products than others. Identifying the best brand for your next roofing project requires doing your homework. This process often involves researching individual roofing companies to understand what brand or brands they use. Ultimately, a contractor that installs Owens Corning Shingles sets itself apart from the competition.

Owens Corning – An Iconic Brand

Founded in 1935 as a merger between Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass Works, the history of Owens Corning dates back to 1851 when Corning Glass Works (then known as Bay State Glass Co.) began developing new and innovative uses for glass. Among other products that would emerge from Owens Corning, insulation and roofing (particularly asphalt shingles) set the standard for quality and performance.

Today, Owens Corning offers a wide range of attractive and affordable asphalt shingles options. Product lines include Berkshire, Duration, Oakridge, Supreme, Woodcrest, and Woodmoor. Each line provides various aesthetic features, price points, and impact resistance measures. No matter what tastes a homeowner has, Owens Corning makes a shingle to accommodate every style and color preference.

5 Reasons To Choose Owens Corning Shingles

Image of a grey owens corning shingled roof and white house Energy Efficiency

Owens Corning offers a complete line of Energy Star-Rated Shingles. Consequently, homeowners can benefit from the energy-saving qualities of a roofing material that meets this superior energy efficiency standard. In effect, these shingles help keep the roof cooler year-round.

With a more comfortable interior, homeowners benefit from lower energy bills. Energy Star-Rated Shingles also reduce the environmental impact of excess energy consumption. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that these shingles help extend the roof’s longevity by years.

Moisture and Algae Resistance

Your roof constantly faces outside elements (including rain, snow, ice, hail, and humidity). Selecting a high-quality and durable roofing material to withstand moisture exposure and resist algae growth extends the lifespan of your roof and protects your home’s interior.

Through its StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection, Owens Corning manufactures its asphalt shingles using the latest advancements in algae-resistance technology. This protective substance protects the exterior appearance of your roof by inhibiting algae formation and growth.

Outstanding Warranties

Owens Corning uncompromisingly stands behind its superior roofing products with the broadest warranty coverage in the industry. In most cases, the warranty covers not only the shingles themselves but also other materials and components of a homeowner’s roofing system.

Depending on the product selected, warranty coverage may extend up to 50 years. Homeowners also have a choice in the features they prefer to have warrantied. Most products also offer transferability of coverage from the original homeowner to the subsequent home purchaser.

Product Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Owens Corning understands that no two homeowners have the exact same tastes. To accommodate each homeowner’s unique needs and preferences, they offer the most versatile asphalt shingle design, color, and performance options on the market.

Within this scope, Owens Corning extends the following architectural lines to homeowners: Duration, Duration Designer, Duration Flex, Duration Storm, Oakridge, Berkshire, and Woodcrest. They also continue supplying traditional shingles under their affordable Supreme line.

Superior Durability

Quality matters. Owens Corning has a long-standing reputation for offering the industry’s highest quality and most reliable roofing products. Each shingle incorporates a patented fiberglass material that protects against the elements and provides a Class A Fire Rating

These robust and impenetrable shingles work in unison and create an effective barrier against UV light and water intrusion. Year after year, Owens Corning consistently delivers the highest-performing and most wind-resistant asphalt shingle products a homeowner can own.

What It Means To Be An Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

With so many roofing contractors, deciphering who stands out the best is difficult for most homeowners to ascertain. As the leading manufacturer of asphalt shingle roofing products, Owens Corning confers the honor of being a “Platinum Preferred Contractor” to the top tier of their exclusive network. 

Each roofer receiving this coveted designation must meet the strictest standards for professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Only 1% of contractors nationwide achieve this benchmark for excellence. To receive consideration for this honor, the following criteria must be met:

  • Hold a favorable rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Meet all state and local requirements for licensing and workers’ compensation.
  • Operate as a business in good standing for multiple years (or at least one year as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor).
  • Pass rigorous screenings for financial stability, craftsmanship excellence, and customer service.
  • Possess general liability insurance coverage of at least $1 million.
  • Receive an invitation from Owens Corning.
  • Remain current on all best practices in the roofing industry.

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