Roof Inspections: Why Residential & Commercial Roof Inspections Are So Important

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You get yearly checkups at the doctor or dentist, you take your car in for oil changes, and you mow your lawn whenever it gets too long. We're so used to taking care of ourselves and our possessions, but for some reason, our roofs tend to fall by the wayside. When you consider that your

Roof Shingle Colors: How to Match the Right Color for Your Home

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Is it your dream to live in one of the neon homes in Venice, Italy? Or perhaps you love classic black and white colonial-style homes. No matter your preference, as a homeowner, you have control over what color you want your roof to be. But with so many shingle color options on the market, it

Metal Roofs vs. Shingles Compared: Which Is Right For You? (Pros & Cons)

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Perhaps you've lived in your home for many years, or you're a new homeowner looking for upgrades, and it's time for a roof replacement. When you make such a significant investment, you want to ensure that the materials you choose are the best fit for you. Asphalt shingles are traditionally the most common residential roofing material,

How to Install Roll Roofing (Step By Step Guide)

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Do you have a shed, garage, treehouse, or workshop that needs a sturdy roof? One of the most simple and affordable roofing materials that you can install yourself is called roll roofing. While it's always best to trust roofing experts for a roof replacement on your home, roll roofing is an excellent option for smaller structures

8 Best Roof & Siding Color Combinations For 2023 + How To Match Your Home Colors

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Do you ever drive or walk through your city admiring the beautiful houses you pass? Classic brick homes and edgy, modern black siding are sure to catch people's eyes. Perhaps you've decided that you want to upgrade your home's exterior to resemble your favorite design. Or, maybe it's time for a roof replacement, and you

Hip vs. Gable Roofs Compared: Pros & Cons + Which Is Best For You?

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There are dozens of different types of roofs used on homes today, but two continue to stand the test of time: hip vs. gable. As a professional roof installer gouge has knowledge and expertise in both styles. Today we're going to compare hip and gable roofs to determine which is suitable for your home. We'll

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