Flat Roof Installation, Materials & Cost (Flat Roof Guide)

2023-11-29T19:45:57-05:00By |Construction|

There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being a commercial property owner. Whether you own an apartment complex, office building, or retail store, there will come a time when you need service for your commercial roof. Most commercial buildings feature flat roofs, which have unique installation considerations. Instead of trying to chase down scattered

6 Steps to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay for a New Roof

2024-01-29T09:09:54-05:00By |Construction|

Accidents happen, even to our roofs. All too often, homeowners pay for roof repair out of their pockets. However, once they learn how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof, they can save money after accidental roof damage caused by storms, fallen trees, and other unexpected events. Getting your insurance company to

How To Tarp A Roof (The Right Way) And Mitigate Storm Damage

2024-01-29T09:10:36-05:00By |Construction|

If a nasty storm comes through, and you suspect roof damage, one of the best things you can do to mitigate further damage is to tarp your roof. You could either call a professional or do it yourself. If you're feeling adventurous and love to do it yourself, then this article will show you how

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