What Is a Roof Ridge Vent? Cost, Benefits & More!

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There's nothing quite like a breath of fresh air when you've been inside all day. As it turns out, our attics enjoy fresh air, too! In fact, the flow of fresh air through attic ventilation keeps your entire house functioning well because it: Reduces energy consumption Reduces condensation that can build up Helps prevent ice

7 Best Roof Financing Options for Homeowners (2022 Update)

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Sticker shock is a real thing. It can feel scary, stressful, and downright overwhelming when you really need a certain home repair, but the upfront price is more than you can afford to pay. You only need a roof replacement every 15-20 years if you have an asphalt shingle roof. But when it's time for

Winter Roofing Guide: 6 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

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Midwest winters can be beautiful. There's nothing quite like those bright nights after a big snowfall when the world feels silent, except for the sound of shovels scraping against the sidewalks. ☃️ But even the most stunning winters can simultaneously wreak havoc. The snow may melt and turn into ice or slush, making your morning

Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab: Which Is The Better Option?

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So, you know you're going to need a full roof replacement soon. Exciting! Well, maybe it doesn't feel so exciting, but once your brand-new roof is installed, you'll feel very proud of your home. There are a lot of considerations that go into getting a new roof, such as: Choosing materials 🧱 Budgeting and financing

How To Fix A Flat Roof Leak in 5 Simple Steps

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Whether you have a flat roof on your business, apartment building, or even your home, you may occasionally run into issues. Flat roofs, like all other roofing materials, aren't immune to leaks forever. No one wants to deal with a roof leak, but it's important to act fast to avoid further (and more expensive) water

Commercial Roof Inspection: What To Expect in 2023

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As a business owner, it can be incredibly disruptive when issues arise with your property. Whether there's a roof leak, clogged pipes, or a faulty furnace, you need to promptly address problems so your business can keep running. Whether you're trying to get ahead of any roof damage or you have an active leak, you'll

How To Find And Fix Wind Damage To Your Roof

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Whether or not you live in the Windy City, strong wind storms can affect regions across the United States. Here in Ohio, we're no stranger to inclement weather of all kinds, including wind storms. Unfortunately, asphalt shingle roofs can be susceptible to wind damage, especially as they age. After any wind storm, it's vital to

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof? (4 Picture Examples)

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Hail storms can be rare, especially compared to common rain storms. You probably find yourself gathering around the windows with your kids and pointing out the loud hail when it happens. Hail storms can pass quickly, but unfortunately, they can also leave lasting damage on your car, siding, and roof. After a hail storm, you

Average Cost of Metal Roof Vs. Shingle (2023 Update)

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If you've spent the past few years preparing for an inevitable roof replacement, you've probably started putting some money aside and have been keeping your eyes peeled for any leaks. Now that it's getting closer to when you'll need to schedule that new roof installation, you might be wondering if you should stick with asphalt

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