While commercial roofs may not need replacing as often (depending on the material), eventually, the times come for them to get replaced. Business owners need to budget for roof maintenance, repair, and replacement, but it can be challenging to plan for due to the many factors affecting the overall cost. Today, we’ll go over how to budget and estimate the cost of a new commercial roof replacement.

The Type of Roof

There are two main types of roofs: flat and sloped. Thankfully, these titles aren’t tough to understand. A flat roof is either flat or a low-grade slope, while a sloped roof comes up to a sharper angle.

Different slopes of roofs have differing costs to replace because of safety hazards. Sloped roofs are harder to navigate, so expect to pay a little more to have a sloped roof replaced.

As a baseline, here are some of the typical costs for flat roofs based on their materials:

  • Single-ply flat roof: $11 to $14 per square foot of roofing
  • Built-up roofing: $11.5 to $14.5 per square foot of roofing
  • Asphalt shingle roof: $3.5 to $7 per square foot of roofing
  • Metal roof: $7 to $15 per square foot of roofing

Roof System Access

How accessible your roof is will also be a factor in how much a commercial roof replacement costs. The more accessible the roof is for the workers, the more likely it is that the cost will be lower.

For example, a flat roof on the second story of a business won’t be as costly. The roof is easily reachable by ladders or roof access built into the building. So, the workers replacing the roof won’t have any difficulties getting their work done.

However, replacing the roof of a twenty-story building in a downtown area will be much more costly. Cranes and other heavy machinery need to be brought to the worksite. This machinery increases the hazard to both those in the building and the people around the area.

You can also expect a premium cost if the roof isn’t accessible during work hours. The safety of the workers of the business, as well as odd or after-hour work, will cost more than standard work during the day with an empty building.

commercial roof replacement costs

Underneath the Roof


Insulation, reinforcing structures, and underlying damages to the roof will factor into the cost. The worse of a condition the roof is in, the more you can expect it to cost as the roof replacement crew works to improve the substrate before moving on to the roof.

Most of these are found with the standard testing that comes with the roof assessment that happens before any work starts. That way, there aren’t any surprises before you sign any contracts.

Wind Loads/Fastenings

In some parts of the country, some wind damage codes must be met. To prevent roofs from being built that can’t stand up to the weather of the area, wind fastenings and load structure codes have to be followed. This way, your roof isn’t as likely to cause excess damage during severe weather.

Your commercial roofing contractor will be able to tell you if there are any codes related to wind that have to be followed since those will increase the cost of the replacement.

Figuring Out ROI

Once all your costs have been tallied, you’ll have to compare that number you’ll pay to the cost of not doing the replacement. As a business owner, you’ll have to decide if the price matches what you want from the repair.

Here are some thoughts to consider when making that call:

  • Does this repair improve the building’s integrity?
  • Can I recoup some energy costs or improve insulation value with this replacement?
  • Will this roof last long enough for me to recover my costs?
  • Does replacing the roof now increase the value and comfort of my business for my employees?

The answer to those questions will depend on your business’s needs and capabilities. So, don’t go into a roof replacement without thinking about the answer to some of these questions.

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How to Get Started

The costs of roofs, especially commercial roofing systems, depend on a lot of factors. If you want help figuring out the commercial roofing cost estimates for your replacement, then check out our website and reach out to us. We try to make this process as easy as possible so that you know how much your roof replacement will cost you. So contact us today to get your thorough commercial roofing estimate.