The question of whether to replace or repair a roof is a top concern among homeowners. The decision is largely an exercise in timing – you don’t want to get a new roof too soon and waste money, but you don’t want to put off a roof replacement for too long, either. 

That said, your decision comes down to the age of your roof, its current condition, and your budget. If the roof shows minor wear but is still in good shape, it probably only needs repairs. If the damage is more widespread and the roof is more than 20 years, you will likely need an entirely new roof.

When Do You Need Roof Repair?

If you’re considering your options for roof replacement vs. repair, consider repair work in the following situations:

  • Your Roof was Recently Replaced 

When considering roof repair or replacement, the roof’s age plays a critical role in determining what steps you should take when your roof shows signs of damage. If you recently paid for your existing roof, your best option is to see through the investment. 

Just because your roof sustained minor damage after a recent storm doesn’t mean you should get a new one. If your asphalt shingle roof is still under 10 years old and is still in great shape, your roofer will likely recommend a repair.

  • The Damage is Minor

If only a small portion of your roof is damaged, getting a new roof might be a costly, excessive expense. Damage caused by minor wear and tear or weather events can usually be repaired successfully. For instance, damaged, missing, or torn asphalt shingles can be replaced easily with new ones. Damaged flashing or minor holes can be repaired to stop a leak. 

In other words, roof repair may be sufficient for pretty much any cosmetic damage or confined to a small area.

  • You’re on a Tight Budget 

The cost of a total roof replacement can certainly exceed the average homeowner’s budget. If your savings are not enough to finance a new roof, your roofing contractor may work with you and with some repairs as you get your finances in order. 

When Do You Need to Replace Your Roof?

A complete roof replacement is your best option in the following scenarios:

  • Your Roof Has Reached the End of Its Lifespan

While modern roofing materials are durable and built to withstand the elements and extreme weather, they eventually need replacing. While clay, slate, or metal roofs can last for many decades, asphalt shingle roofs generally expire within two decades. 

When your roof approaches the end of its lifespan, it will start to deteriorate and show signs of aging. Your best option is to replace the whole roof when it’s too old.

  • Your Roof Does Not Conform to Current Building Codes

If your home’s roof does not comply with the current building code, you risk running into problems in the future should you make the decision to sell your home. If the roof shows signs of damage due to poor installation, you may need to replace it to ensure it complies with local building codes. 

Have a contractor examine the condition of your roof so you can know where your home stands as far as building codes are concerned.

  • Your Roof Sustained Severe Storm Damage 

Severe storm damage is another situation that can leave you with no other choice but to get a roof replacement. Storms can compromise the structural integrity of your roof, even if the damage appears localized. High winds, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures can push an ailing roof into a state of emergency.

After a severe weather event, have your property inspected by a local roofing contractor to assess the extent of the damage. You might need to replace it if it has incurred excessive structural damage.

  • Repair Would Only be a Temporary Stop-Gap

Repair is usually far less costly than a total roof replacement. But if you need to repair, season after season, those costs could eventually add up to that of a complete replacement. If repairs are significant and perhaps even recurring, it makes more sense to get a new roof. 

  • The Damage is Extensive

Generally, roof repairs can remedy damages that cover 30 percent or less of your roof. Any damage that exceeds this threshold leaves the homeowner with no choice but to have the entire roof replaced. This often happens when the roof hits that critical 20 or 30-year mark.

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