If you are ramping up to start a  roof replacement project, you have likely discovered the options are numerous and daunting. Between choosing a roofing contractor, finding the perfect curb appeal color, and deciding on the shingle brand that fits your needs, things can get overwhelming— fast.

You don’t have to go into the process blind. Gouge Quality Roofing is here to help you learn more about two common shingle brands: GAF vs. Owens Corning. These two roofing manufacturers have gained reputations for creating some of the industry’s highest-quality products that offer impressive durability for roof replacements and repairs. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down what’s best for your home.

Owens Corning vs. GAF: A Comprehensive Comparison

Owens Corning and GAF stand as two giants in the roofing industry, competing alongside other reputable names like CertainTeed, Malarkey, Atlas, IKO, and TAMKO. While GAF claims the title of the world’s largest roof and waterproofing manufacturer, Owens Corning stands out for its exceptional quality and durability. Let’s take a look at how they stack up, head to head in the places that matter:

  • Shingle Quality 
  • Price
  • Shingle Variety
  • Warranty 

Shingle Quality

High-quality shingles excel in critical areas such as wind and storm damage resistance, fire resistance, layers of material, and shingle weight. Both Owens Corning and GAF shingles boast a commendable wind resistance of up to 110 mph, with the potential to reach 130 mph through upgraded installation techniques. Both brands also secure a Class A fire rating, signifying top-tier fire resistance.

When it comes to shingle material layers, Owens Corning offers a competitive four to five layers, outperforming GAF’s three to four layers. While the weight of a shingle is often debated among professionals, Owens Corning takes the lead, with most products weighing more than 250 lbs per square, providing enhanced protection against wind and hail.

What this means for your home is that the wind can blow, the heat can blaze, but an Owens Corning shingle is going to protect all the things you love under one roof. 

Winner: Owens Corning

Owens Corning logo


Owens Corning sets itself apart as a premium shingle brand, offering top-quality products that reflect its slightly higher price point. GAF, known for its affordability, shines in this category with more cost-effective options. Whether comparing 3-tab, architectural, or designer shingles, GAF generally proves to be the more economical choice. However, the price difference between the two is not overly significant that it outweighs the value of either. 

Winner: GAF (by a narrow margin)

GAF logo

Shingle Selection

Both Owens Corning and GAF present impressive and evolving shingle lineups catering to diverse design tastes and budgets. GAF’s Timberline architectural shingles offer seven sub-categories with over eight color options each. Owens Corning has their TruDefinition Duration shingles that boast more than a dozen bold colors. They also offer the TruDefinition Duration Designer line, which has become widely popular nationwide for its deep, vibrant color options. Overall, there is a wider selection of popular color options with Owens Corning.

Winner: Owens Corning

Owens Corning logo


A robust warranty reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Owens Corning and GAF offer three-tiered warranties. While GAF provides impressive coverage, Owens Corning edges ahead with its System Plus Warranty, offering material defects covered for 50 years and a lifetime of labor coverage.

Winner: Owens Corning

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Conclusion: Explore Your Options with Owens Corning

While the comparison between Owens Corning and GAF yields a closely contested battle, Owens Corning emerges as the superior choice. At Gouge Quality Roofing, we proudly endorse Owens Corning as our preferred roofing manufacturer because quality is in our name. We leverage our Platinum Preferred Contractor status to provide exclusive extended warranties to our clients. Embark on your roof replacement journey with confidence—reach out today with any questions!