Picking out a new roof is kind of like picking out a new pair of shoes. You might have a specific style in mind, but when you see it in person it’s actually not for you. And maybe a different design catches your eye that you hadn’t considered before.

Whether you’re shopping for shoes or roofs, you want something that will last a long time at a price range you can afford. If you’re due for a roof replacement soon, get a head start by learning more about these 6 popular roof replacement options:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Clay or concrete tiles
  • Cedar shakes
  • Natural slate
  • Composite shingles
  • Green roofs

Top 6 Roof Replacement Options

1) Asphalt Shingles

close up of gray asphalt shingles, one of the most popular roof replacement options

You know them, you love them: asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are by far the most commonly used roofing material in the United States. Even though this material is very common, there are still different colors and styles to choose from.

Asphalt shingles range from simple 3-tab styles to dimensional and luxury designs. The more premium of a shingle you go for, the higher the price point.

This material is made from a woven fiberglass base mat, a waterproof asphalt coating, and ceramic UV-blocking granules. These materials are very economical and easy to produce, making them widely accessible for homeowners and roofing contractors alike.

Overall, asphalt shingles are a quality product for their affordable price, but some homeowners are turned off due to the fact that asphalt shingles are not the most environmentally-friendly material on the market.

Durability: 15 to 25 years

Cost: $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot

2) Metal Roofing

close up of gray metal roofing, one of the most popular roof replacement options

Coming in hot as one of the most versatile roofing materials in the industry is metal roofing. When you think of metal roofing, you might immediately think of old, tin roofs that are noisy, ugly, and dent easily.

Modern metal roofing couldn’t be more different. Metal roofing typically comes in two styles: standing seam and metal shingles.

  • Standing seam: Standing seam metal roof systems are made from metal panels that lock together at the seams. They offer a smooth, streamlined look, and the panels expand and contract freely as they heat up.
  • Metal shingles: Metal shingles resemble the design of standard asphalt shingles, except they’re made from durable, fire-resistant metal. Because the installation process for these is more technical, metal shingles typically cost more than standing seam roofs.

You can opt for a full metal roof, or utilize its versatility by adding standing seam sections (porch, flat roof facets, dormers, etc.) to compliment your asphalt shingle roof.

Durability: 40 to 70 years

Cost: $8 to $18 per square foot (metal shingles are on the more expensive end)

3) Clay or Concrete Tiles

close up of clay shingles, one of the most popular roof replacement options

Tile roofs are uniquely beautiful, and you may recognize the classic look of orange clay tile roofs on many homes in the Western United States. Both clay and concrete tiles are incredibly durable and heavy with a price tag to match.

Since these materials are pretty heavy, you’ll need to be sure your home can support the weight before proceeding with an installation. Check with a structural engineer if you’re not sure.

Tile roofs have impressive longevity, so you’ll be getting a beautiful roof that you likely won’t ever have to replace again.

Durability: Up to 50 years for concrete or up to 100 years for clay!

Cost: $10 to $25 per square foot

4) Cedar Shakes

close up of wooden cedar shakes, one of the most popular roof replacement options

Cedar shakes is a specialty roofing material that isn’t for the hands-off homeowner. While this material has a unique and beautiful appearance, it requires a lot of hands-on maintenance. Without the proper maintenance, cedar shakes will deteriorate quickly and cause lots of headaches. Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Schedule yearly inspections
  • Remove debris as soon as it lands on the roof
  • Replace split shakes immediately
  • Replace curling shakes right away
  • Eliminate moss

Cedar shakes or other wood roofing materials are not recommended for homeowners in wildfire-prone regions. If you have the time, money, and patience to work with cedar shakes roof, you can expect it to last a few decades.

Durability: 30 to 50 years with meticulous maintenance

Cost: $6 to $11 per square foot

5) Natural Slate

close up of natural slate shingles, one of the most popular roof replacement options

As the shining star of the roofing materials world, natural slate is an impressive material that’s hard to beat. Natural slate is real stone that typically splits into flat slabs, making it a great option for roofs.

Slate is the most expensive material of all, but it’s also the most durable. Appropriately nicknamed “the forever roof,” natural slate can last for centuries, ensuring you’ll never have to replace this roof again. Maintenance is simple, but be sure to replace any broken slate tiles immediately.

Due to the sheer expense of slate, this material is typically only used on large, luxury homes. But that doesn’t mean other homeowners can’t take advantage of it!

Durability: 100+ years

Cost: A large variation, from $15 to $75 per square foot! The average is $30 per sq. ft.

6) Composite Shingles

close up of red composite shingles, one of the most popular roof replacement options

Composite or synthetic, shingle roofs are becoming more and more popular. A nice perk of composite shingles is that they’re made from recycled materials like plastics and rubber. They’re sought-after because they are a more affordable roofing material that can resemble cedar shakes or slate.

While roofing professionals can tell the difference, most people walking by won’t be able to differentiate composite from natural materials. Composite shingles boast a low cost, good longevity, and simple installation.

Durability: 15 to 40+ years

Cost: $7 to $14 per square foot

Pair a Great Material With a Skilled Contractor

Just like how a new pair of shoes is pretty useless in the wrong size, your ideal roofing material doesn’t mean much unless it’s installed by an expert team. If you’re in need of a new roof in Ohio, look no further than the highly-rated and skilled crew at Gouge Quality Roofing.

We build custom roofs that meet your needs and last for decades. Contact us today to explore your roof replacement options!