The roof over our heads keeps us sheltered from storms and is essential to the home’s structure. Gouge Quality Roofing is dedicated to serving people and serving you with the best materials with the highest quality craftsmanship! This commitment to quality is important. It is what sets us apart as a company and one of the many benefits of working with Gouge Quality Roofing!

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, providing ongoing training, and staying on top of the latest cutting-edge technology in our industry. To that end, we want homeowners to be educated about hiring a roofing contractor.

What Drives Gouge Quality Roofing Every Day?

The mission behind Gouge Quality Roofing is to serve people! Caleb Gouge’s background instilled in him a strong worth ethic and a desire to lead a company with integrity. He was born in Kentucky but raised overseas in Bolivia, where his parents served as missionaries. Serving others was a foundational element of his childhood and still permeates his life today.

After returning to the United States to attend college, he planted roots in central Ohio and started Gouge Quality Roofing. It’s his home and where he’s raising a healthy and active family of four young boys. As his home life thrives, his work family has also continued to expand. 

We have a highly trained team that are experts in their fields. This team truly is what sets Gouge apart from the competition! We recruit the best employees and equip them with everything they need to succeed.  

This team includes Celina Lamb (CEO), Jeff Bly (Sales Manager), Ryan Halfhill (Production Manager), Tammie Steward (Administrative Assistant), Karrra McKenzie (Head of Marketing), John Lamb (Roofing Consultant), Kevin Palmer (Roofing Consultant), Matt Notestone (Roofing Consultant), Lowell Wagner (Production Coordinator), Zack George (Jobsite Supervisor), Nate Arni (Service Technician), Nathan Cox (Production Assistant), Beth Clark (Receptionist). 

What Services Does Gouge Provide

Gouge Quality Roofing can handle your residential and commercial needs, but we are more than just a roofing company. We repair and install roofs, but we also provide Vinyl siding installation. If you need new gutters or have roof drainage issues, we can help! 

The Benefits of Working With Gouge Quality Roofing

Working with Gouge Quality Roofing has numerous benefits, but it all starts with integrity! It’s imperative to all of us and is what our business is built on. We have a proven process we follow from the first call to the completion of the project that we follow for every customer:

It All Starts with Integrity and Quality

We are professional roofing contractors with the knowledge, experience, and tools to work to the highest standards. Quality is in our name, and we take pride in the quality of our work. Integrity means we do the right thing even when no one is looking. Simply put, we do not cut corners! 

We Believe in Safety 

We start your project by introducing you to the job site supervisor. They are the main point of contact as our professionally trained installers replace your roof. As we start the project, a lot will be going on, but the safety of your family and our employees is our top priority. So we will take all the steps necessary to keep the area secure.

Choose The Areas ONLY Owens Corning Platinum Certified Contractor

We have consistently worked hard to deliver extraordinary results, allowing us to become the ONLY Owens Corning Platinum Certified Roofing Contractor in the area! Gouge Quality Roofing is among the 1% of roofers with that designation! Owens Corning has strict guidelines for this invitation-only designation, so we are very proud to be a Platinum Certified Roofing Contractor. It speaks to the integrity of our company.

Explore Our Warranty Options

Choosing an Owens Corning Platinum Certified Roofing Contractor means a warranty will give you peace of mind that the roofing materials will be covered. When it comes to warranties, you do have options. You will want to go here to learn more.

Hover 3D Visualization

You are about to make a significant financial decision that will impact the appearance of your home for years to come. Wouldn’t you like to know what it will look like before you say yes? We have partnered with Hover 3D to give you a powerful visualization tool that will allow you to see exactly how different shingles and colors will look on your home. All we need is to take eight pictures of your home to create this interactive model of your home! 

Contact Us Today for a Free Inspection 

When it comes to quality, professional roofing contractors, Gouge has set itself apart from the competition. We are the trusted sources in Central Ohio, and we want you to

make Gouge Quality Roofing your first choice. Our team will provide you with a free inspection. We are passionate about educating customers so you can make the best decision for your home. Contact us today!