Do You Need a New Shingle Roof?

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common types of residential roofs. Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System will Seal, Defend and let your roof Breathe.

Because your roof is so high and out of the way, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to it until something goes wrong. But when your roof leaks into your house or you find shingles in your yard, the time is past to put a new roof on your home.

Get familiar with these warning signs that your shingle roof is on its last nail so you can repair or replace it before the damage gets worse:

  • Asphalt granules falling off the roof— you’ll see them in your yard or rain gutters

  • Shingles curling up at the edges — you may need a ladder or binoculars to get a close look

  • Bare patches on the roof— as granules fall off, your roof will develop bald spots

If you notice any of these symptoms or if your roof has recently weathered a severe storm, contact Gouge Quality Roofing for an inspection to determine whether you a need shingle roof repair or a new roofing system


Improve Your Property's Value


Vinyl siding has left behind aluminum siding as the choice for siding products. The benefits of using vinyl siding versus aluminum siding are numerous. Vinyl siding products offer outstanding durability, attractiveness, and affordability. Vinyl siding will increase the curb value of your property and offer a wide scope of colors and textures. It is an easy material to work with, and our trained installation experts are skilled in doing the job right the first time, every time!


In Preparation  For Your Vinyl Siding


If you have an existing home or business and decide to incorporate vinyl siding, our installation experts will properly prepare all surfaces before the vinyl siding installation. It is important that all rotten or bad wood is replaced before installing vinyl siding.


We are experts in installing trim around doors and windows to accommodate the vinyl edges. Sometimes, we use Tyvek or a similar brand of house wrap for a vapor barrier, or we use different thicknesses of polystyrene insulation as an underlayment. Window edges are taped for additional weatherproofing.


Your residential guttering solution does a lot of heavy lifting. 

Gutters drain precipitate from the roof adding years to its life. And you do not want to jeopardize your roof in any way! Gutters with the right downspout positioning deposit this drained precipitate away from the foundation of your property reducing chances of structural damage and basement flooding. Gutters prevent damage to siding and eliminate staining on brick and stone masonry.




Our gutters are not joined with sealant. They are smooth, single units. This prevents the build-up of debris and reduces the risk of clogging. Since the pipes are almost invulnerable, rough weather doesn’t lead to rusting and split seams.


Built to last


Our guttering solutions are made to last. The pipes are firmly secured to the fascia with stainless screws and can come with leaf guards to keep away branches, small animals, and other pests.

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